Frutti Battaglio - Banana


Origin Costa Rica, Colombia, Perù

The history of the banana can be traced far back: the first known traces of this fruit date to 500 BC, and it is said that Alexander the Great was the first to taste it. Originally from South-East Asia, the banana initally spread to the indian peninsula, before reaching Africa and America. It grows on the banana tree of the genus Musa, and is one of the most widely eaten foods in the world.

Varieties: Cavendish
Bananas of the Cavendish variety vary in length frrom 15 to 25 cm, and have a thin skin. The name of this variety comes from William Cavendish, 6th duke of Devonshire, who bought a specimen when this cultivar was not yet widely known.



Bananas are well-loved not only for their taste but especially for how easy they are to eat: just delicately open the fruit, starting from the stem, and you can easily peel it, and enjoy it anywhere! Bananas can also be added to fruit salads, and used in desserts and excellent smoothies and milkshakes.

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Did you know?

  • Thanks to their potassium and nutrients, bananas are a powerful ally to our health: they are able to reduce blood pressure, strengthen muscle mass and prevent cramps.

  • If you love sport, bananas are the right snack for you. Rich in sugar and vitamins, they're a natural provider of energy, will fill you up and are perfect for eating before or after physical activity.

  • After enjoying the fruit, remember not the throw away the peel! You can use it
    - for cleaning shoes (just wipe the peel over your shoes and stains will disappear) or
    - cleaning silverware (rub the peel over silver forks, spoons and knives to see them sparkle).