Our thoughts

Some situations are sustainable for fashion, some for necessity, and some, like us, by nature. Giving value to the fruits of the earth is our job, and taking care of the earth (and its inhabitants) with responsible management is the only way to continue this path for a long time to come.

Supply Chain

Our scrupulous selection of farmers is one of the main principles in our sustainability regime.

For this reason, we have decided to interact solely with well-structured and trustworthy companies that operate in accordance with the Fairtrade system: an international certification board of fair trade commerce, which rewards products that are farmed without harm to workers and the ecosystem.



Virtually all of our suppliers are certified by GLOBALG.AP , an organization which certifies adherence to specfic standards across the whole world, guaranteeing safe and sustainable agriculture.
Our quality control and the importance of consumers' wellness is also guaranteed by our IFS certificationIFS for food safety, and by our BIO certificationBIO.



Energy and Circular Economy

To reduce our carbon footprint, we have created a signifcant partnership withTrigenia, a consulting firm which specializes in energy-efficiency interventions, as well as being our investee. We have also activated green projects, from self-generation of energy through our own solar panels, to the use of LED lighting systems, to our plan to create a Renewable Energy Community to raise our production of clean energy and to share it with other local companies.

Our sustainability journey also includes the choice of recycled and recyclable packaging, from re-using boxes and pallets with our pooling circuit, to intelligent recovery of fruit waste, which are turned into energy by our partner society, which is specialized in biogas production.

Human resources

A workplace that is good and healthy:
just like our fruit

Valori nutrizionali

To us, sustainability also means giving value to all our resources which contribute to our success every day: people.

Our care for employee wellness is not just limited to respecting the health and safety standards, but includes a solid commitment to guaranteeing all our workers equal rights and professional growth.. From organizational flexibility for those who need to take care of their children, to equal pay between men and women, to constant training: the entire structure is built to create a workplace that is safe and healthy, just like our fruit.

Cesto di frutta

Regusto: creating value by reducing waste.

+350.678 kg

products recovered from waste risk

+156.845 kg

CO2 avoided

+623.423 m3

water saved


equivalent meals distributed

Information updated as of: 02/01/2024