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The company

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A journey through quality fruit, full of our care, commitment and passion, to let you enjoy the authentic taste of nature.

We select the best fruit in the world and bring it to the tables of Italy, for over 50 years.

Our work

We import and distribute the best selection of exotic fruit and traditional fruit from the southern hemisphere to Italy, in order to offer naturally delicious products even in the off-season.

Our mission is to guarantee the quality of our products in every circumstance. We follow this goal day after day, through scrupulous controls of our whole production line, from farming to ripening, from packaging all the way to the most efficient transport solutions.

Legati alla terra

Over 50 years, we have grown in every field


Battaglio is born in the Turin fruit and vegetable market.


The first deposit for fruit distribution opens at the S.I.TO. Turin Interport.


The beginning of our experience in the world of bananas and pineapples.


The company grows across the ocean: Battaglio Argentina is born.


Partnering with Don Camillo Farms, Battaglio enters the world of agricultural production.


The new 12.000 square meter deposit opens in Turin.


Battaglio-brand bananas are born.


To boost efficiency and to better serve the whole country, a second deposit is built near Rome.


The new line of perfectly ripe Battaglio fruit arrives in supermarkets.


Battaglio renews its image with a logo that shows the vitality of fruit.


Agricola Persea is born in Colombia, an ambitious project for production and export of avocados.


Thanks to the historical collaboration with South African supplier SRCC, Battaglio enters the citrus farming industry in South Africa: Agricola Sundays is born.


The company continues its project of vertical integration, acquiring Agricola Alto Valle in Argentina, and developing Agricola Alba in Basilicata.

Our philosophy

A workplace that is good and healthy, just like our fruit.

Since 1972, the philosophy of quality has guided us every day
based on three fundamental principles:


We create solid and and loyal relationships with partners, collaborators and suppliers, bsaed on trust and reliability. These professional relationships allow us to be transparent with our clients and to keep our promise, offering only fruit that is high quality.

Dove e quando


We guarantee perfect consistency in our fruit and our work. In all our daily activities, we aim for consistency and constant quality to reach our quality goals.

Valori nutrizionali


We love what we do and we prove it every day with the fruits of our labour. Because we can only improve season after season, keeping up our eagerness, with passion and enthusiasm.

Reponsible Organization

Along with these three principles, there is a fourth concept that defines our work: responsability.
For this reason, in accordance with the Italian Legislative Decree No 231/2001 on production responsability, we have decided to make thee following documents available for consultation:

Documentation that proves, once again, the transparency and reliability of our company.


From Turin to Rome, all the way to Argentina. Throughout the history of the company, Battaglio has raised its level of penetration into the market, expanding in national territory and beyond.


In Turin, Battaglio has its headquarters, with commercial direction, logistics centre and vast deposits. Every day, over 500 tons of fruit depart from here, 80% of which is destined for large-scale retail trade, while the remaining 20% heads to fruit and food markets.

  • Deposit - Rivalta di Torino
    A 12.000 square metre building, fully climate-controlled, equipped with cells for fruit conservation and banana ripening, as well as various packaging lines.
  • Stand - Agro-Food Centre in Turin
    A 1.000 square metre building, dedicated to direct sales, also equipped with fruit-ripening cells.
Battaglio Torino
Battaglio Roma


To complete national distribution lines, Battaglio opens its main logistical centre for the centre and south of Italy in Rome. Built in 2014, this deposit is inside the Agro-Food Centre in Rome (Centro Agroalimentare di Roma, CAR), and thanks to two subsequent expansions, has improved its stocking capacity and relative efficiency levels over the years.

  • Deposit - Guidonia
    A 13.000 square meter building, totally climate-controlled, with cells dedicated to fruit preservation and the ripening of bananas and exotic fruit. The cells are equipped with an automatic pallet tracing system, allowing an optimal efficiency of the logistic process.
  • Stand - Agro-Food Centre in Rome
    A 500 square metre stand, climate-controlled at 10°, equipped with three cells for 0° storage.

Battaglio Argentina

Since 2002 Battaglio has been operating in Argentina as well. The Buenos Aires deposit, unveiled in 2017, is the main hub for import and distribution of fruit in the country, especially for bananas from Ecuador and from Colombia. From the Alto Valley of the Rio Negro, Battaglio exports about 15 thousand toons of pears and apples yearly

  • Deposit - Pilar (Buenos Aires)
    A 3.000 square metre building, equipped with innovative technological facilities for the lowering of temperature and the storage of fruit.
  • Deposit - Villa Regina (Rio Negro)
    Seven cooling tunnels for pears, plus eight cells for fruit storage, in an 8.000 square meter building.
Battaglio Argentina

Our farms
in Italy and across the world