Frutti Battaglio - Bananito


Origin: Colombia

The Bananito, an exotic fruit from Central America, is similar to the banana but smaller in size: from 8 to 10 cm. Unlike its "older sister", the Bananito has a thinner and smoother skin, and its creamy pulp has a sweet and refreshing taste that recalls apples.



The Bananito is a tasty snack to be enjoyed as-is, but can also be an ideal ingredient to liven up fruit salads, smoothies and desserts. You can even try Bananito fritters!

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Valori nutrizionali

Did you know?

  • Just like bananas, the Bananito is rich in phosphorus, potassium, iron and vitamins A and B, but Bananito pulp is easier to digest than traditional banana pulp.

  • Thank to its small size, it's a practical and tasty snack for children.