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Ginger is a tall-growing herbaceous perennial plant, with an underground stem known as a rhizome, sometimes erroneously called root, rich in essential oils. Originally hailing from India and Malaysia, ginger grows perfectly in tropical countries with high temperatures and humidity, but can also be found in Italy, both in the ground and in large pots.



Ginnger is a highly versatile spice. With its delicately spicy flavour, it works as a condimenti, sliced or grates over meat, fish or vegetable dishes. It also comes in useful for desserts, christmas treats, as well as for teas and drinks that help with digestion. To prepare ginger, peel it with a little spoon in order to waste as little of the product as possible, then slice.

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Did you know?

  • Ginger has natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger tea is also used to aid with digestion, to counteract stomach bloating, and to fight nausea.

  • Did you know you can grow ginger at home? Just take the rhizome and plant it in a large plant pot, just a few centimetres below the surface. Remember to water often with small amounts of water: nebulizing water is also a goood idea, to recreate the humidity of their native countries. Watch our for low winter temperatures.