Frutti Battaglio - Dattero


Origin: Israel

Produced by the date palm, a very long-lived tree, which can live up to 300 years and produce up to 50 kilograms of fruit each year. With their delicious taste and high energy content, dates have always been eaten by middle eastern peoples, and is one of the most ancient fruits in the world, dating back to 6000 BC. Thanks to international trade, dates spread through Europe and reached America in 1765.

Varieties: Medjoul
The Medjoul date, one of the most prized varieties, can reach a considerable size, and can weigh between 15 and 23 grams. It is dark brown in colour, with a sweet enveloping taste, and is renowned for its softness and juiciness.



As dates are rich in natural sugar and low in fat, they can be used to sweeten drinks, juices, desserts, biscuits and jams.
Thanks to their energetic potential, they are excellent for a hearty breakfast: add them to your smoothies or pair them with cereal and fruit to create your own home made muesli.

A tasty idea: remove the stones and replace with an almond, and you have a healthy snack or a small dessert.

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Did you know?

  • The word "date" comes from the Greek "daktilos", as the shape of the fruit is similar to that of a finger.

  • Apparently the Emperor Augustus was a great lover of dates, and the first date palm in Rome grew from a seed that came from the emperor's table.

  • In some regions of Italy, it is customary to eat dates at midnight on New Year's Eve and keep the stones for good luck.