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Origin:Spain, South Africa, Turkey

Grapefruit belongs to the citrus family. Its origin is uncertain, but it is most probably a hybrid between the orange and the pomelo. Compared to other citrus fruits, it has a slightly tart taste, with a note of bitterness. This is one of the reasons that grapefruit is much appreciated by those who desire a diet low in sugar.
Variety: Red Star Ruby
It is a medium-sized fruit, with a very thin pink-tinged peel, and bright red juicy pulp. The flavour is sweeter and more aromatic compared to other varieties.



Usually, grapefruit is used to prepare excellent refreshing juices, or as an ingredient in cocktails, but in reality this citrus is much more versatile than it appears! Try using it to enhance a salad, by slicing the wedges and removing the white skin, or to create delicious sauces that pair marvellously with meat and fish dishes.

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Did you know?

Rich in vitamin C, grapefuit is particularly low in calories: only 30 calories for 100g. Pink grapefruit, which is slightly less sour, contains more sugar as well as a higher quantity of carotene, which is beneficial to our sight and to our skin.