Frutti Battaglio - Pomelo



Originally from Puerto Rico, the pomelo has also been grown in Israel and California since the 18th century, and has spread to Asia. In shape it is similar to a pear, with smooth skin in a green-yellow colour or with pink hues, and pulp that can go from straw-yellow to red. But the most amazing feature is its size: it is the largest existing citrus fruit and can weigh up to ten kilograms!



Pomelo must be carefully peeled, removing the white part (albedo) too. To make it easier, just remove the peel and put the fruit in the fridge: the cold will make the white membranes contract and then they can be removed easily. Once peeled, pomelo can be enjoyed au naturel, or added to fruit salads, or even used to make refreshing sorbets.

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Did you know?

  • Pomelo is a healthy and diet-friendly fruit, with low calories and low fat content. It also contains Vitamin C, betacarotene, folic acid and potassium.

  • The pomelo plant is appreciated for more than its fruit. In Vietnam, its flowers are used to move perfume, and the tree's wood is used to create utensils. The peel, which is rich in essential oils, can be dried and used as an efficient deodorant for the home, while the albedo and the leaves have healing properties.